Debayan Pakrashi




Debayan Pakrashi

Assistant Professor

Department of Economic Sciences

Office: Room 607, Faculty Building
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Ph: 0512-259-6107;


Skype: debayan.pakrashi


Journal Publications:

  • Microcredit Program Participation and Labour Supply Behaviour of Rural Households, with Asadul Islam (Monash Uni) forthcoming Journal of Development Studies [ABDC Journal Ranking A] [Impact factor 1.531]. [ Download ]

  • Can Referral Improve Targeting? Evidence from a Vocational Training Experiment, with Asadul Islam (Monash Uni), Marcel Fafchamps (Stanford Uni) and Md. Malek (Uni of Tokyo).forthcoming Journal of Development Economics [ABDC Journal Ranking A*] [5-year Impact factor 3.996]. [ Download ]

  • “Roommate effects in Health Outcomes” with Paul Frijters (London School of Economics), Asadul Islam (Monash Uni) and Chitwan Lalji (IIT Kanpur) Health Economics, 2019. Vol 28: 998-1034. [ABDC Journal Ranking A*] [Impact factor 2.319]. [ Download ]

  • “Heterogeneity in Peer Effects in Random Dormitory Assignment in a Developing country” with Paul Frijters (London School of Economics) and Asadul Islam (Monash Uni) Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, 2019. Vol 163: 117-134. [ABDC Journal Ranking A*] [Impact factor 2.140]. [ Download ]

  • “Can eating five fruit and veg a day really keep the doctor away?” with Chitwan Lalji (IIT Kanpur) and Russell Smyth (Monash Uni) Economic Modelling, 2018. Vol 70: 320-330. [ABDC Journal Ranking A] [Impact factor 1.844]. [ Download ]

  • “Migration and Discrimination in Urban China: A Decomposition Approach” (with Paul Frijters, UQ) Review of Income and Wealth, 2017. Vol 63(4): 821-840. [ABDC Journal Ranking A] [Impact factor 1.211].[ Download ]

  • “Microcredit Program Participation and Household Food Security in Rural Bangladesh” with (Asadul Islam, Chandana Maitra, Debayan Pakrashi and Russell Smyth) Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2016. Vol. 67(2): 448-470. [ABDC Journal Ranking A] [Impact factor 1.545].[ Download ]

  • “Do all activities ‘weigh’ equally? How different physical activities differ as predictors of weight” (with Grace Lordan, LSE) Risk Analysis, 2015. Vol. 35(11): 2069-2086. [Impact factor 2.898]. [ Download ]

  • “Make Time for Physical Activity or You May Spend More Time Sick!” (with Grace Lordan, LSE) Social Indicators Research, 2014.  Vol. 119 (3): 1379-1391. [ABDC Journal Ranking A] [Impact factor 1.648].[ Download ]

  • “Do WTO Members employ less child labor?” (with Professor Eugene Beaulieu) Master thesis submitted to the Indian Growth and Development Review, 2013. Vol. 6(1):148-159. [ABDC Journal Ranking B].

Working Papers:

  • He’s in a better place (in Heaven) but she’s not: Health status of widows in India, with Ayush Agrawal (IIT Kanpur) and Chitwan Lalji (IIT Kanpur).
    Daily weather only has small effects on wellbeing in the US. with Chitwan Lalji (IIT Kanpur) and Paul Frijters (LSE).

  • Determining the Extent of Statistical Discrimination: Evidence from a field experiment in India, with Asadul Islam, Liang Choon and Yves Zenou (Monash Uni).[ Download ]

  • Mobilizing P2P Diffusion for New Agricultural Practices: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh, with Marcel Fafchamps (Stanford Uni) and Asadul Islam (Monash Uni). .[ Download ]

  • How Intensity of Exposure to an Innovation Affects Patterns of Adoption and Impacts:
    Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh on the System of Rice Intensification, with Asadul Islam (Monash Uni), Christopher Barrett (Cornell Uni) and Md. Malek (Uni of Tokyo).

  • Microcredit Program Participation and Nutrition Security in Rural Bangladesh, with Asadul Islam (Monash Uni).

  • Does Awareness help in picking up the low hanging fruits? with S. N. Maiti and Sarani Saha (IIT Kanpur).

  • Gender based Violence and Child’s nutritional status, with Sarani Saha (IIT Kanpur).

  • Early to Bed and Early to Rise: Really makes you healthy? with Chitwan Lalji (IIT Kanpur).

  • Family planning campaigns on television and contraceptive use, with S. N. Maiti (IIT Kanpur) & many others.

  • Not a child’s play after all!!: Effect of child marriage on family planning and maternal health, with S. N. Maiti (IIT Kanpur), Manoj Maharia (IIT Kanpur) and Abhishek Gautam (ICRW).

Selected Work in Progress:

  • Take-offs, Landing and Economic Growth, with Paul Frijters (LSE). .[ Download ]

  • Happy together? Age gaps and subjective wellbeing, with Grace Lordan (LSE).

  • Incidence and Repercussions of Child Marriage, with S. N. Maiti and Manoj Maharia (IIT Kanpur).

  • Happiness Assimilation Amongst Migrants: Evidence from Australia, with Paul Frijters (LSE).

  • The Political Economy of Migration in China, with Paul Frijters (LSE).

  • Reconciling datasets, with Paul Frijters (LSE).

  • The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree: Identifying the role of religion and culture in philanthropic behaviour, with N. Bhattacharya (IIT Kanpur).

  • What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger: Experimental Evidence on harassment of women in India, with P. Frijters (LSE) and S. Sahoo (IIT Kanpur).

  • If you know it, then you follow it? Experimental Evidence on following traffic rules in India, with S. Sahoo (IIT Kanpur).

  • Does group activity affect discriminatory attitudes? with Sarani Saha and S. N. Maiti (IIT Kanpur).

Media Publications and columns:

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  • Technology Adoption and Food Security in Rural Bangladesh [ Link ]

  • Dr Debayan Pakrashi’s article "Can microcredit improve food security among the rural poor?" (with Asadul Islam, Chandana Maitra and Russell Smyth) appeared on the Ideas for India website in September 2015 [ Link ] and on the Monash Business School website in October 2015. [ Link ]

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